Breast Augmentation Tunisia

clinique el manzeh
Breast enlargement is achieved by inserting and positioning an implant, filled either with silicone gel or salt-water solution known as saline ( the only implants authorised ).

The Surgery : is carried out under area anasthesia. The method of inserting / positioning your implant ( in front or behind the chest muscle ), the incision area ( around the aureola or in the armpit ), the nature and volume of the implant will all depend on your anatomy and skin quality ( elasticity ). The treatment may be practised from teenage. Scars will not be visible and the outcome is most often satisfactory and natural looking.

clinique el manzeh






After the surgery : The first gauze dressing is removed within 24-48 hours and replaced by a lighter one forming a sort of adapted elastic bra. Wearing a bra day and night for about a month is recommended.

Your stay in Tunisia : The surgery usually takes 24 hours and upon being released, you may opt to remain in the clinic or move to stay in one of our partner hotels.

Fees : 2200 Euros