Post-operative follow up

Part 1 : Immediate care :
Preferably, it takes place within the clinic. Post plastic surgery conditions permitting, the patient is allowed to move and stay at a hotel.If so, he / she will have several hotels to choose from, at personal convenience.
A check will be performed just prior to your departure, and any time before whenever required. In case a longer stay is needed for medical reasons, additional costs will be at the clinic’s charge.
Post operative follow up will be carried out by our partner surgeon in Paris.

Part 2 : Auxiliary post-operative follow up :
Heavy treatments apart, post-operative follow up becomes much simpler. In case additional or complementary procedures are needed, they will be perfomed free of charge for a period of six months. The patient will only pay his/her travel costs.

From experience we know well that surgeons’ expertise and an appropriate choice of surgical options considerably minimize hazards, imperfections and  complications. 
Complete recovery depends on several factors,including the type of surgery,  treated  area, and recovery capacity of every patient. Convalesence may take place either within our clinic under complete professional care with a human touch from our highly trained staff,or in a hotel of your choice.

In this case, we will be in permanent contact with you for immediate assitance if needed.

A systematic medical check will be performed on the eve of your departure. Your surgeon will inform you on any post-operative care or precautions during the trip back home.