Rhinoplasty in Tunisia

Rhinoplasty is the surgical treatment to modify the nose shape and size according to a rational and carefully considered demand from the patient. The decision is preceded by a profile study made with the patient, often including computer imaging to view possible results.          

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The surgery : lasts 1 to 2 hours and the surgeon begins with internal incisions under light general anasthesia or deep local anasthesia. Only minor treatments of the nose tip are carried out under local anasthesia.

No scars will be visible, except in case of narrowing of flared nostrils.

Your stay in Tunisia : Upon being released, you may finish your stay in one of outr partner hotels.

After the surgery : The operation is pain-free and the splints are kept for a few days during which mouth-breathing is necessary.
You will notice some swelling and bruises around the eyes that can be masked by a make up after splint removal.

Fees : 1700 Euros.