Travel Info

Ticket airfare is not included in our package, to allow the patient freedom to fly any airline of his choice and
set the date of his travel.
To help you , we suggest the two links below offering special fares.


Flights I Promotional Flights

Patients are also free to plan and arrange for their trip and their stay in a hotel of their choice. In this case,
our rates will be lower and cover just the clinic and surgeons fees.

For our foreign customers, we provide personalized welcome upon arrival at the airport and all subsequent surface transportation. Our team of paramedical professionals will provide you with all the care and guidance you need. Your safety and comfort and well-being is our utmost priority.

Upon your release, you may well opt to remain in the clinic or spend the rest of your stay at one of our partner hotels.
We will also make all necessary arrangements if you are to be accompanied by your family or relatives.
Prior to arriving in Tunisia , you may consult one of our partner surgeons in France or Italy.

Operative indications will be set after viewing and study of the photographs we will ask you to take and forward to us via Internet. Surgical procedures will be decided with extreme prudence and care in order to detect and avoid those requiring heavy post operative follow up. For other types of treatments, one of our partner doctors in Paris ( for french nationals ) and Milan ( for italian nationals ) may take over post-treatment care.

In planning the surgery, you will be thoroughly interviewed to take your detailed medical history, including any medications you are taking and requiring special precautions. Once the surgery is determined and appropriate course of action set, we will let you know about the duration of your stay in Tunisia and provide you with a final quote.

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